Primarily, St.Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Church celebrates the following Feasts:

Reminiscence and Ascription of Holy Relic of St. Mor Ignatious Elias III Bava – Manjinikara Perunnal February 8th
Mor Geevarghese Sahadha Perunnal May 5th
Assumption Day of St. Mary (Vangippu Perunnal).
Soonoyo Nombu Veedal.
August 15th
Ettu Nombu Veedal – Perunnal. St. Mary’s Birthday. September 8th
Reminiscence of St. Mor Baselious Eldho Bava October 3rd
Reminiscence of Mor Gregorious Gheevarghese Vayaliparambil November 6th
Kallitta Perunnal
Mooron Koodasha
August 15th
Sept 24th